Importance of Jeweler Trust

In light of reports in the news recently, I think it might be important to think about

security issues. It isn’t something we consider often, but how well do you really know your

jeweler? Are they really worthy of your trust? How can you tell? It can be unsettling,

but it’s important to make sure where you buy and have your jewelry serviced is reputable.

Jeweler trust is important.


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Buying and servicing jewelry is different than other purchases because it is not something

we do every day. Especially if we’re talking about high-end pieces like bridal jewelry. If

someone is spending a large chunk of cash on an important piece of jewelry, there is a

certain amount of stress and emotion involved. It has to make sense logically and feel good

too. It goes without saying, it’s a big deal.


So, how do we make the best choice possible? A good place to start is to visit a jeweler

someone you know has recommended. It’s common sense, if your friend or relative has been

working with them for years and has had no problems, chances are you will have a good

experience too. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to begin.


When you think you have a good fit, get a feel for the place. When we shop for jewelry  we

like to try it on. This is important. Visit the store, meet the associates, see how they

treat clients. You will know if it’s the right vibe for you. The brick and mortar stores,

the mom and pop businesses offer a familiarity you won’t get from an online shopping

experience or a big-box retailer. Once you get to know them, they also get to know you.

The really good ones will know what you like and will be able to recommend things for

you and for gifts. It is a valuable thing, to be able to shop somewhere where they

actually know what your spouse wants for an anniversary or birthday gift when you might not.

We celebrate special events in our life with jewelry gifts. They get it. The really great

ones can assist you and educate you and also make you feel comfortable.




The day may come when you inherit a diamond and you aren’t sure what it’s worth or if it’s

even real. It’s reassuring to know your jeweler is telling you the truth. The way to feel

secure in this is if you and others have had good repeat experiences in the past. What if

you need your jewelry fixed or if something is lost or stolen and you have an insurance

claim? You want to work with someone you know. Build a relationship with your jeweler and

you will reap the benefits for years to come.


Brian Michaels Jewelers