Fallen In Love with Talented Jewelry Designer – MaeVona

I’ve recently fallen in love with a talented designer from Edinburgh Scotland named Maeve Gillies. Well, actually, it’s her line of Scottish inspired jewelry designs I’m la la for. She has created some heartfelt and sentimental celtic jewelry that evoke dreams of the Scottish highlands. Her engagement rings have modern touches and also link us to the past. To say that they are unique is an understatement.  You’ll not see anything quite like these anywhere else. Her love of nature is reflected in these swirling, magical designs.

Maevona engagement rings

MaeVona is the brand and it is every bit as timeless as it is lovely and romantic. The engagement rings are all named for Scottish Islands, wildflowers and towns. Every detail is reminiscent of Scotland’s culture and heritage. It is the beginning of your story together, why not connect it to the beautiful history of Scotland?

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