Pear Shape Diamonds

Today is week 1 in our series “Spotlight on Diamonds” and to begin I would like to showcase
pear shape diamonds. We often see round brilliant cut diamonds, since they tend to be the
most popular cut, and also princess cut diamonds take a close second place, and we sometimes
forget there are other cuts available that are just as beautiful.

Pears are one of my personal favorites. If you would like to have something a little
different than everybody else, they are an interesting choice. Some pear shapes are
longer and thinner and others are rounder, it’s your preference. You should always choose
what is pleasing to your eye. It is possible to set pear shape diamonds in halo settings and
lots of other mountings too. Setting one in a mounting with rose or yellow gold mixed with
white gold is an updated choice.

Many designers are featuring pear shape diamond rings for the client who wants something
unusual. With it’s rounded end and it’s pointed one this shape evokes a very organic
feeling. It is reminiscent of a lush raindrop in nature. This cut is a refreshing choice
for today’s bride.

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