What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Pure lab grown diamonds are REAL DIAMONDS. They are not cubic zirconia, they are not moissanite, they are not imitations. The only difference is that they are grown in a lab instead of mined from the earth. That’s just one of the things that makes them so interesting.


The technology used to create these beautiful gems is cutting edge. A small seed of high quality rough diamond is used, and the diamond emerges in a matter of weeks as opposed to eons underground. The lab mimics the conditions that happen deep within the earth and speeds up the process. You end up with a diamond that is virtually identical to a mined diamond, with the same physical, chemical and optical properties. It is one of the purest forms of carbon with the same crystal structure, refractive index, dispersion, weight, hardness and density as any other mined diamond. In other words, GIA certified Lab Created Diamonds are graded by the same standards as mined diamonds. Each diamond comes with a certificate stating its color, clarity, cut and carat weight from a respected independent lab and the certificate number is inscribed on each diamond.

That being said, you just have to see these diamonds. Once you see them you will understand why they are the hottest thing out there right now. In addition to white , pink and yellow are also available. The colored diamonds are spectacular if you are interested in something a little different and the white diamonds are simply excellent.

In addition to being some of the most brilliant diamonds you will ever see, Lab Grown Diamonds are a socially and environmentally responsible choice. Not to mention, since they are usually 30 to 40 percent less expensive than mined diamonds for the same size and quality. Truly exceptional, beautiful, pure and rare. These diamonds are worth checking out.