Pandora Bangle

"PANDORA is a universe of jewelry. Each piece is Danish designed, and handcrafted in sterling silver or 14K gold. Many pieces incorporate pearls, semi-precious and precious stones. World famous for the bracelet and twist-on charm design. PANDORA owns a patent for its unique system (U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507). PANDORA'S modular design with easily interchangeable parts allow the wearer to select beads for a dress up elegant look, or to alter the look for more casual wear at a moment's notice. PANDORA also offers a whole collection of earrings, rings, and necklaces to provide a coordinated look with the most popular bead designs. Please visit our store to see our latest collection. For more information about the PANDORA line, please visit the PANDORA website online at where you can create your own PANDORA wish list and bring your creation into our store for purchase."

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