Pandora Signs and Symbols

Guess what Pandora fans, They’ve done it again. Pandora is introducing some sweet little

dangles in 14k rose gold to add to a bracelet, necklace or whatever you want. Pretty and

meaningful, these symbols work well alone or grouped with any of the new or existing items

they offer. Since the yellow gold and two tone trend has been so popular, rose gold is the

next natural step to add a little warm color to your collection. Being able to wear on a

chain or add to a bracelet just adds to the versatility Pandora is known for. They are a

little different and a lot of fun.


pand rose shoepand rose hrtpand rose crosspand rose clov


Since Pandora has already introduced dangle sparkle letters, they have added numerals to mix

in to express your story even further. Numerals are perfect for celebrating birthdays or

anniversaries. With numerology, each number has a special meaning. Whether it’s

independence or honesty, harmony or knowledge, there is a number to express what is

important to you.


pand gpand 9pand 7


Also included in the new line is the symbols collection. Styled like the letters and

numerals, in sterling dangles with a little sparkle, these charms do dual duty on a bracelet

or chain. It’s really fun to add a single charm to a bracelet and stack them to wear in

multiples. Don’t forget to mix in some rose gold too. The dove as a symbol of hope,

freedom and innocence or the key as a symbol of trust, these charms will hit just the right

note for you or as a special gift for someone else.


pand keypand dove


Pandora is also featuring another new bracelet style, with the charm attached to a delicate

sterling chain. This is a minimalist look that is very on trend. Continuing the symbols

inspiration, these fun bracelets are loved by all ages. They include symbols of protection,

luck and love that are known from many cultures around the world. They represent blessings,

power and strength. We all could use a little of that, couldn’t we?


pand brclt shoepand combopand combo2

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