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There is no piece of jewelry that will mean more to you in your life. The engagement ring or set that the two of you choose symbolizes the love that you share, the never ending love. Brian Michael's carries a large variety of designer rings and custom designed pieces for young lovers to choose from. Diamonds, gold, silver and gemstones, traditional or new age, Brian Michael's is sure to have your engagement ring at the location of Tonawanda, Amherst, Cheektowaga, Williamsville, Clarence, Niagara Falls in New York. Our highly trained custom designers will work with you to create the perfect rings for your special and never ending love. Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in Buffalo NY and Toronto Ontario.

There are several things one should know before going shopping for engagement rings. Finding a great, reputable jewelry store, choosing a diamond shape that fits the personal preference of the wearer, and knowing the 4 C’s are all important things people purchasing a ring should know.

Finding a jewelry store that people can trust is a very important first step to purchasing a ring. Look for a store that is known for its great customer service, deals, and honesty. Avoid stores that are known to spring hidden fees on its customers and not to have good customer service. Customer service is important because during the ring buying process consumers will need to extensively interact with someone to design or choose engagement rings. It is a good idea for people to ask around to family and friends, see if they can give you a few good jewelers they trust and always compare and contrast at least three separate stores before choosing one to shop with.

There are several diamond shapes to choose from when looking at engagement rings. Among the shapes commonly available: round, princess, asscher, cushion, radiant, emerald, heart, and marquis. The round shaped diamond is traditionally chosen for engagement and can be more expensive, simply because of its popularity. Other shapes are becoming increasingly popular; shapes like the heart or marquis shaped diamond can make the diamond appear larger than it is, which has increased its appeal.

The last thing people should know before looking at engagement rings are the 4 C’S; cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The cut of a diamond is important because it is what provides the gem with its radiance. Also if a stone is cut well even a lower quality diamond will shine just as brilliant as one with great clarity. The color of the diamond is important and can be adjusted depending on the type of metal chosen for the ring setting; one can brighten the hue of their diamond by choosing a complimentary metal for the band. Clarity is how clear the diamond is; sometimes diamonds have blemishes which can lower the clarity of the diamond. Carat weight simply tells one how many carats or how much the diamond weighs; which corresponds to price. So remember if you are thinking about looking at rings follow this information and you should find a great ring in no time!