As part of our continued commitment to quality customer service, we are pleased to offer appraisal services. Brian Michael's Jewelers recommends that you have your fine jewelry appraised ever few years as market values fluctuate with the price of gold and inflation. An updated/current appraisal or insurance replacement estimate is often required by insurers policy terms and conditions, therefore it is important to have this completed at regular intervals.

Our certified appraisers will determine the value of your jewelry pieces on site. Whether you have a single piece of jewelry or a collection of heirloom pieces, our specialists will assist you. Our appraisers will see to every aspect of your jewelry evaluation for insurance purposes, retail replacements, probate evaluations and post loss evaluations. In order to provide the best evaluation advice, please bring any documentation regarding the item to be appraised including: receipts, diamond certificates, or diamond reports.

We strive to work hard for our clients and we are happy to assist you.