6 Tips to Make Your Engagement Ring Last For a Lifetime And Beyond

6 Tips To Make Your Engagement Ring Last For A Lifetime And Beyond

By: Brian Michaels Jeweler

The engagement ring is a valuable possession because of both its price and emotional attachment. You don’t receive or give diamond engagement rings to your partners every day. Hence, you should ensure that your engagement ring lasts for eternity. While looking at your precious engagement ring, you might wonder how you can maintain its novelty and sparkle.

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When it’s about jewelry care, it’s natural for you to have doubts and questions. After all, no one has an innate knowledge of jewelry care. Even though you didn’t pay for the engagement ring, your spouse has invested a significant amount and emotion in it. It displays a special bond you and your partner share, and to keep the jewelry secure and shining, below are the six tips.

1 – Routine Professional Cleaning Of Your Ring

Like any other piece of jewelry, engagement rings accumulate dust and dirt particles over time. To ensure that your ring doesn’t stain or discolor, regular cleaning is a must. It is recommended to schedule cleaning from a professional quarterly.

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When you buy engagement rings online, some websites offer services for professional cleaning. The advantage of working with professionals is that they will assess the stability of the setting. You will not only have a clean ring but also have pristine structural integrity.

2 – Stock-Up Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

Other than professional cleaning, you can also clean your jewelry at home. Soak your engagement ring overnight in a non-abrasive solution. Clean the dirt with a brush of soft bristles, and finally, wipe it with a lint-free cloth. If you don’t have access to a jewelry cleaning kit, then baking soda in warm water will serve the purpose of cleaning.

3 – Remove the Ring As and When Needed

You might want to wear your engagement ring all the time. But sometimes it’s crucial to remove your ring to save it from any damage. Except for showering, take off your ring when you’re performing hands-on activities. You don’t need to remove it every time you wash your hands since; water is not going to hamper the quality of your ring.

4 – Cover Your Engagement Ring with Insurance

When you shop diamond rings online, reputable websites have your shipping package insured. Once you receive the ring, you should cover it with insurance in Amherst NY, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Cleveland Hill, East Amherst, Eggertsville, Grand Island, Harris Hill, Kenmore, Lancaster, Lockport, Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, Williamsville and Western New York. Unfortunately, if your ring goes mysteriously missing or theft, then its coverage will allow you to recover the cost and rebuy the ring.

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5 – Get Resizing Of Ring Done From a Professional

Many other things except your body weight affect the fit of your ring. Moving to drastically different weather conditions can make the ring lose or tight. It is necessary to get it resized from a professional who knows the job well. Whether you have buying diamond wedding rings for men or diamond bridal rings for women, many online and offline jewelers provide resizing services.

6 – Place Jewelry Dishes around Your Home

Keeping jewelry dishes around the house is a smart way to ensure that you don’t misplace your jewelry. After a long day at work, you wouldn’t want to place your jewelry randomly and struggle to find it the next morning. When you keep jewelry in jewelry dishes, it saves you the time and anxiety of finding your diamond ring. 

To Wrap Up

Practicing all the tips mentioned above will foster the structural integrity of your engagement ring. And it will maintain the sparkle of your ring like it’s new. Just keep in mind to take off your ring when required, place it on jewelry dishes. And cover your ring with insurance so you can repurchase it on its loss.